2014 Showcase
The SquidHat Records sampler Fresh Ink Vol. II is here! Featuring two awesome songs from each of our artists ... 20 tracks in all ... and it's absolutely FREE! Download your copy HERE

1. Configted
2. Wet
by The Dirty Panties

From the CD "I Am A Robot" Available HERE!

3. Panic
4. It's OK
by The Gashers

From the CD "Law Is Not Order" Available HERE!

5. Shoe
6. Some Sun
by Pet Tigers

From their self-titled debut CD. Available HERE!

7. Paper Street
8. Gulf Coast Beach Party
by The Quitters

Their new CD, Contributing to Erosion, available Spring of 2014

9. Pills
10. Alley
by The People's Whiskey

From their self-titled debut CD. Available HERE!

11. American Decay
12. Break Me Down
by Guilty By Association

From their self-titled double CD Available HERE!

13. Red White
14. Fight Fight Fight
Surrounded by Thieves

Look for them on tour this summer and a new CD in 2014!

15. Girls
16. Godzilla Go Go
by Bloodcocks UK

New CD, "Planet Bloodcock" Available HERE!

17. Psykill
18. In My Way
by Peccadilloes

From the 2-CD Set: "Ten Years ... A Million Beers Available HERE!

19. Dear Annie, Love, Bug
20. Vegas Soul
by Attack Ships On Fire

From the CD "Vegas Soul" available HERE!

We hope you enjoy Fresh Ink Vol. II! In return, all we ask is that you give us your e-mail address so that we can keep you up to date on the lastest SquidHat bands, info, tour dates and releases. C'mon! It's totally worth it!
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