Based in Las Vegas, SquidHat Records, is an artist friendly, independent record label created to help talented, interesting, creative and passionate artists record and promote their music, develop their brand and image, and increase their exposure to a larger audience. Our focus is on local Las Vegas punk and aggressive indie rock.


Our services include:

  • Production Support
  • Traditional and Digital Distribution
  • Radio and Press Support
  • Artist Management
  • Online and Social Media Services
  • Tour Support
  • Merchandising Support
  • Brand Management and Development
  • Promotion and Graphics Design

Each artist is unique, so each partnership is different.

SquidHat Records works on a project by project basis. We do not simply put out records. Thinking well beyond the offerings of a traditional label, we offer support, guidance and development from start to finish.

We are artist friendly!

As artists ourselves we mean it when we say that we are artist friendly. No long term contracts and no out of pocket cost to the artist. We provide the necessary start-up funds and we share the profits once costs are recovered. All of our partnerships are 50/50, and publishing remains the property of the artist.

We only work with bands that we like.

If we do not believe in the music how could we possibly promote and sell it effectively? Every artist on the SquidHat Records roster is a band that we love to see live and genuinely want to help grow as artists while growing their audience.

We bring 45 years of experience to the table.

With over 45 years of combined experience in the business as recording and touring artists, we have seen the good and the bad of the music industry. SquidHat Records was founded on the principle of helping artists bypass the pitfalls and BS of the industry so that they can do what they do best and get heard by people who will get what they are all about. Utilizing our talents and experience as well as the relationships we have built with recording studios, distributors, merchandisers, venues and other musicians, we can help hard-working and dedicated artists succeed.

At SquidHat Records, we are fans first.

We want our artists to excel at doing what they love without signing their lives away or losing ownership of their music. We help our artists create a great product and get it in front of likeminded music fans around the world.  You create the music and we help you find the audience.


Because music does not have to suck and neither does the music business.

About the Owners

SquidHat Records founder and President, Allan Carter, started playing music professionally at age 14 in his hometown of Baltimore, MD. A career musician, Allan has recorded and toured with many bands during his 25 year career including Invasion, Sex & Sin, SwingFace and Groove Syndicate in Baltimore, MD., and most recently Hit Me Baby and Attack Ships On Fire in Portland, OR. Allan sincerely hopes his experience and resources will provide an artist friendly voice to some of the many talented bands he has been fortunate enough to see perform over the last few years.

Squidhat Records Vice President, Mike Bell, began performing at the age of six and was immediately hooked on the stage.  His passion for performing led him to study trumpet performance at the highly acclaimed University of Oregon School of Music until finding, quite literally, his voice.  Mike has been the front man, either singing or playing trumpet, in touring bands ranging from jazz, to hard rock, to metal, to punk for over 20 years.  He’s also had stints drumming for Northwest punkers 2Buck Short as well as various club/bar bands. Mike is currently singing for the Portland based punk rock outfit Attack Ships On Fire as well as playing the part of Britney in the punk rock tribute to Britney Spears, Hit Me Baby.  With more than three decades of writing, recording, engineering, producing, and performing Mike has a keen grasp of what it is to be a musician and can offer a wealth of knowledge regarding the music industry.

SquidHat Records Director of Business Development, Stephen Fahlsing, has been writing, performing and producing music since age 14. He has recorded and toured with more bands that he can count, has had songs placed in movies and television, and has won Best Independent Rock Album from the Los Angeles Music Awards. Stephen owns Bonfire Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA and has produced albums and EPs for many artists from in and outside of LA. Stephen hopes to combine his experience in the music industry and his experience creating marketing for brands like Ford, Toyota, Disney and Google into success for all of SquidHat's artists and endeavors.

Why did I start SquidHat Records?

"Music is my passion and I see a lot of live shows each year. As a touring artist myself, I know that the sale of a CD or T-shirt is how the band makes their money. Often the money they need to get to the next stop on the tour or even to eat. I make it a point to always buy something from the bands I really like and to make sure that they know that there are people out there who appreciate what they do. Lately, I have approached several great Las Vegas bands after their shows in hopes of picking up a CD only to find out that they don’t have one, or any merchandise at all. I always leave thinking that it is a real shame and that these bands need to be heard. But it is the reality of our business. Recording, releasing, and promoting original music is cost prohibitive and time consuming. I want to use my resources, experience and years in the business to help up-and-coming local artists grow, develop and ultimately be heard." Allan Carter, Owner

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